Circus Machine: two Quebecers at the Circa in France

Ugo Dario and Maxim Laurin, two artists co-founders of the Machine de Cirque troupe, will present in France, the world premiere of their show entirely dedicated to the Korean board.

This show, titled Ghost Light: between the fall and the flight, will be deployed on Friday and Saturday during the 33e edition of the current Circa Festival Circa in Auch, France.

Acrobats, authors and directors Ugo Dario and Maxim Laurin are gold medalists at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris and the Young Stage Festival in Basel, Switzerland. They are one of the oldest Korean board duos in the West.

“This is the challenge that had to be done, there were no others,” said Ugo Dario.

The Korean board is a rocking board that allows you to perform artistic feats in the air. Ugo Dario and Maxim Laurin’s number combines technical prowess, choreographed movements and powerful music. The object is rotatable and allows 360 degree use. Ghost Light: between the fall and the flight is the result of three years of work.

“These two artists have worked together for 12 years. They went to the end of their discipline and showed remarkable tenacity, ”said Vincent Dubé, artistic director of the Machine de Cirque de Québec troupe.

Machine de Cirque is the only North American company to have been selected for this festival, which is a showcase for contemporary circus creation.

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