Dr. Lacroix wants to cancel the complaint before the College of Physicians

The subject of a private complaint from a citizen for his comments against wearing the compulsory mask on CHOI Radio X and on his Facebook page, which is now closed, the Dr Marc Lacroix testified to have the complaint dismissed.

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Last spring, the Dr Lacroix had made several interviews on the airwaves of CHOI where he questioned in particular “the effectiveness of the containment measures” and advocated “the need for the population to self-vaccinate by voluntarily contracting the virus”, according to an ethics complaint filed against him. Anti-mask messages were also posted on the doctor’s Facebook page, who testified Tuesday before the Disciplinary Council of the College of Physicians of Quebec.

The doctor’s lawyer wishes to drop the complaint, considering that it is “abusive, frivolous or manifestly ill-founded”. Rarely, it was not the Syndic of the College of Physicians who filed the complaint, but Citizen Olivier Bolduc, as private complainant.

Testimony of Dr The cross

Cross-examined by the complainant, Dr Lacroix first admitted having had “a warning” in a letter from the College of Physicians asking him to “be careful about certain words”. The owner of Lacroix Medical Clinics then had a virtual meeting with the trustee after complaints were filed against him.

“A formal commitment” was then made by Dr Lacroix to close his Facebook pages or not to participate in interviews. The doctor also said that the media coverage of his anti-mask-flavored Facebook posts by The newspaper had the effect of “a bomb” on his employees and relatives.

He repeated that The newspaper had not given him the right of reply when the articles relating to this case were published. However, the Lacroix medical clinics have proof that several attempts have been made by The newspaper to offer a reply to the doctor.

An “excellent communicator”

Olivier Bolduc said he heard the Dr Lacroix on the radio for the 1re time on April 29 at CHOI. He says he was “seduced” by the words of the doctor who “played down” the situation. “The tone, the way it was presented by the respondent, that spoke to me,” said Mr. Bolduc, referring to the doctor as an “excellent communicator”.

A “click” was however made when he heard the Dr Lacroix in May “to question the origin of the deaths in the CHSLDs”. “It’s not safe to question that,” he said, arguing that the doctor was “at odds” with the Public Health discourse.

D’s lawyerr Lacroix, Christine Kark, requested the dismissal of the complaint arguing that the respondent raised “assumptions” about the pandemic in a context where there is “no consensus”. For his part, Mr. Bolduc announced his intention to call an epidemiologist and an infectious disease specialist to testify on the merits.

President Myriam Giroux-Del Zotto has taken under advisement her decision on the rejection request.


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