Action group against racism: Legault already excludes systemic racism

The action group against racism led by ministers Nadine Girault and Lionel Carmant has not yet submitted its report that the possibility of recognizing a form of systemic racism in Quebec is already ruled out by François Legault.

This was clearly stated by the Prime Minister when asked about it on Tuesday.

“I do not expect that the group (action against racism), for having discussed with them-others, arrives at this conclusion,” warned Mr. Legault.

When the committee was announced last June, the Prime Minister gave three months to the seven elected CAQ members who are part of it to suggest actions to fight racism.

François Legault, who therefore sought to avoid dealing with systemic racism, was particularly interested in tackling the excessively high unemployment rate among visible minorities.

Checked with the office of the Minister for Health and Social Services, Lionel Carmant, it is still expected that the group of seven will submit its report this fall.

Despite what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks, François Legault persists in believing that “it would be a mistake” to recognize systemic racism.

“My role as Premier of Quebec is to bring Quebeckers together, to finally act,” he explained.

“For me, that’s the best approach,” he argued, recalling that opinions are divided on this issue among the population.

“Currently, it would not be a good idea to go and alienate a good part of Quebecers who think that there is no system of racism in Quebec, as Mr. Trudeau thinks”, t -he assures.

Members of the Anti-Racism Action Group:

  • Lionel Carmant, Minister for Health and Social Services
  • Nadine Girault, Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie
  • Sylvie D’Amours, Minister responsible for Native Affairs
  • Denis Lamothe, Member of Parliament for Ungava and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister responsible for Indigenous Affairs
  • Ian Lafrenière, Member of Parliament for Vachon and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Public Security
  • Christopher Skeete, Member of Parliament for Sainte-Rose and Parliamentary Assistant to the Prime Minister for relations with English-speaking Quebecers
  • Isabelle Lecours, Member of Parliament for Lotbinière-Frontenac.

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