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LITERATURE. Alain Labonté embarks on a crazy adventure, that of launching a book aboard his bike. From November 7 to 8, the author will roam the streets of Drummondville and its surroundings to distribute copies of the third volume of Ely disappeared, a collection of short stories in which he participated.

Ely’s Disappeared is a collective that brings together authors from all backgrounds. Their mission is to write a short story based on a specific theme. “It is an initiative of Louis Armand Bombardier and Véronique Marcotte. They decided to create a literary residence in Valcourt in one of the houses belonging to the Bombardier family, ”explains Mr. Labonté, specifying that literary residences are rare opportunities in Quebec.

Each year a cohort of authors come together under the same roof, without necessarily knowing each other. “Living in the same house for a week took me out of my comfort zone. I am quite a lonely person. In the end, it was an extraordinary adventure, ”admits the author, who is from L’Avenir.

A bond quickly gained the group. “In the evening, we had dinner together. What was interesting was that everyone was saying where they were in writing their short story. Gently, each participated in the other’s story by bringing in ideas and comments, in the form of a suggestion. There was no tension, always a welcome. ”

The Disappeared of Ély.

The authors were to be inspired by the theme “foreigners”. “We all have mysterious stories. For my part, my story takes place at L’Avenir. I started from a real story that I never knew the end of. I invented the end. It’s a story that my father had with a lady who was a hermit and who lived in the woods behind our house, ”says Mr. Labonté.

A special launch

In the context of a pandemic, the idea of ​​a traditional book launch was quickly discarded. “I wondered what I could do because I wanted to contribute,” says the author. At 54, I try to stay active. I thought I could do my book launch on my bike. I’m going to get in shape. ”

In a few days, Mr. Labonté will become the owner of a house in L’Avenir. “I’m going to leave from Bec du Canard. It will take me 25 km to get to the bookstore to pick up the books, in addition to making all the deliveries, ”says the man who has lived for 31 years in Montreal.

The author feels a certain excitement. “I’ll be honest, for sure it’s a challenge. I like having a dizzy spell in life. It is a dark period. I’m like, ‘Let’s try to find things that make us smile’. It’s a crazy idea, but it’s a good idea. ”

The weekend of November 7 and 8 will be dedicated to delivery, with the collaboration of Renaud-Bray. “It’s a perfect opportunity to encourage local buying and a local bookstore,” says the author. In addition, we haven’t seen anyone for six months. It will give me the opportunity to see people on their doorsteps again. ”

Readers can reserve the book until November 3 by calling Renaud-Bray directly at the Drummondville branch (819) 850-2000.

Émilie Dubreuil, Chantal Fleury, Alexandra Gilbert, Laurence Gough, Tristan Malavoy, Aïko Solovkrine and Alexandre Soublière also participated in the book.


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