Mazda confirms MX-30 coming to Canada in 2021

Mazda confirms MX-30 coming to Canada in 2021

The Mazda MX-30, the Japanese brand’s first-ever electric vehicle, has been a hot topic since its official unveiling at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Show. This compact, coupe-style SUV ushers in a new phase of Kodo design and its handling is very dynamic, as our colleague Gabriel Gélinas discovered at the wheel of a prototype.

Will he come to Canada or not? That was the big question… until now.

During a presentation of the 2021 model line-up on Wednesday, Mazda Canada’s Director of Product Development and Strategy, Mark Peyman, confirmed that the MX-30 will land with us next year.

Unfortunately, details are still very limited. We assume that it will be a 2022 model, but does Mazda intend to offer us a fully electric MX-30 (the 140 horsepower one with a range of only about 200 kilometers) or a simple gasoline version with 48 volt mild hybrid system as recently announced?

In the first case, we know that Mazda is working on a rotary engine acting as a generator that would recharge the battery and allow driving over greater distances. Either way, it’s still good news, you’ll admit.

Forget the SKYACTIV-X

The famous SKYACTIV-X engine, whose spark plug-controlled compression auto-ignition technology reduces fuel consumption by around 25%, is virtually dead for Canada.

Once again, Mazda executives tell us that they are studying this engine with interest, but at the same time, they admit not including it in their plans and prefer to move on to another topic. There are certainly reasons they dare not give us, such as cost, availability (the SKYACTIV-X is in high demand right now in Japan and Europe) and the fact that our American neighbors don’t want it all. simply not.

The only chance left is to apply the technology to an engine with a larger displacement and more power than the current 2.0 liters and 178 horsepower. Moreover, this is an option that Mazda engineers are considering and which could follow the launch of a new in-line six engine, the latter taking place in a platform for large vehicles with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Fingers crossed!

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