Audi: are rustproofing and extended warranty necessary?

Audi: are rustproofing and extended warranty necessary?

For an Audi A4, should we apply anti-rust and opt for the extended warranty if we drive 16,000 km per year?


Hello Michel,

An anti-rust treatment on an Audi from the first year? Absolutely not. Note that Audi offers a 12-year / unlimited mileage warranty against perforation due to corrosion. A factor that tilts in your favor since it proves the durability of the brand’s products in this area. Applying an anti-rust treatment would therefore only become relevant in more than five years, if you are convinced at that time that you want to keep this car until its death.

Now, when it comes to the extended warranty, it’s all about intention. By mentioning that you drive only 16,000 km per year, it means that your car use is relatively limited. Also, when the 4-year warranty expires, you will only have about 64,000 km on the odometer.

If you intend to keep your car for a very long time, maybe an extended warranty would be an option. Because replacing some major parts is expensive and because many known issues with the 2.0 liter engine (over oil consumption, turbocharger dump valves) can occur.

Obviously, in this context, you should prioritize a warranty that gives you an advantage in terms of time and not in terms of mileage. And you should also assess your level of discomfort at risk, before purchasing such a product. Because, you can imagine, the bill can be quite steep …

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