BMW 4 Series 2021: it’s time for the convertible

BMW 4 Series 2021: it’s time for the convertible

BMW has introduced its new 2021 4 Series Convertible, bringing a series of improvements and a different styling approach compared to the previous model.

Starting with the design, the 4 Series incorporates the new BMW signature into its lines, thanks to numerous curved shapes, the long tail lights and headlights as well as of course, the huge radiator grille.

Although the latter is not unanimous, BMW mentions that the oversized grille refers to its legendary sports cars, in particular the 328 (manufactured between 1936-1940), while adding that the design allows to provide the necessary cooling for its engine.

A revised roof

The Bavarian manufacturer has rethought the way it approaches its convertible by working on certain key components.

As for the form, it includes large panel arch elements with a honeycomb paper construction where a rear window fits in. The structure is made of several layers of insulation and it is covered with a fabric cover.

BMW claims that this technology provides greater “acoustic and thermal comfort” than a conventional design.

In addition, the roof is 40% lighter than its predecessor, and the front passengers have five millimeters of additional headroom. The roof will be black as standard, and it will be possible to choose the optional anthracite silver color.

On the road, the electric folding roof can open and close automatically, but the vehicle must not exceed a speed of 50 km / h. The process takes 18 seconds.

444376 bmw presente la nouvelle serie 4 decapotable 2021
Photo: BMW

Structural improvements

With this convertible, engineers had to increase the structural rigidity of the body. To name just one example, these have reinforced the side skirts.

To help the sportiness of the car, the weight distribution is balanced 50% at the front and 50% at the rear. Compared to the model it replaces, the tracks have been increased by 28 mm at the front and 18 mm at the rear, allowing greater stability on the road.

444378 bmw presente la nouvelle serie 4 decapotable 2021
Photo: BMW

Two motors

Although we do not yet know the powertrains for the Canadian market, we have to expect that the two powertrains offered in the Coupé version will be found under the hood of this 4 Series convertible.

If so, the first available mill will be a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, fitted with an eight-speed automatic transmission and xDrive all-wheel drive. The latter will develop a cavalry of 255 horsepower and a torque of 294 lb-ft.

As for the second mechanical, we will be dealing with a turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine with mild hybridization, giving a power of 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. All-wheel drive and eight-speed transmission will be standard. No manual gearbox on the menu for all variants.

444373 bmw presente la nouvelle serie 4 decapotable 2021
Photo: BMW

More technologies

With this 4 Series convertible, BMW has allowed itself to add several standard technologies. In terms of driving assistance, the new version includes the frontal collision detection system with assisted braking, the sway warning system with lane keeping assistance as well as the limit information system. speed.

In addition, parking distance control with sensors at the front and rear is standard. Regarding infotainment, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also come standard.

The dashboard is completely digital with an 8.8-inch screen, while the center console touchscreen comes standard at 5.1 inches. It is possible to choose for optional larger dimensions, ie 12.3 inches and 10.25 inches respectively.

Other information on the vehicle will arrive closer to its marketing date, scheduled for spring 2021.

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