Winter tires: it’s already time to think about it!

Winter tires: it’s already time to think about it!

The leaves are falling, a sign that autumn has arrived… and that the first flakes are not too far away either! Do you need new winter tires? Do you have to have them installed in a workshop? It’s already time to think about it!

In fact, CAA-Quebec has just launched the National Winter Tires Meeting Week for a second year (September 28 to October 4).

Already the deadline for putting on winter tires has been moved up to December 1 since last year, additional pressure is being added this year with COVID-19. The presence of labor in garages and the availability of tires at retailers could be a problem.

Indeed, if the workforce is reduced to change the tires, getting an appointment will be more difficult. On the other hand, with all motorists who have kept their winter tires during the summer due to confinement and snowbirds who risk remaining in Quebec, a greater number of people will have to replace and / or install tires on their vehicles for the cold season.

“For as many motorists as possible to have their winter tires installed … before winter, garages must be given a chance and the tire changing season started in October, or even September,” recalls CAA- Quebec.

But do you run the risk of wearing out your winter tires prematurely by installing them so early? No. The summer heat waves are far behind and as soon as the average temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, it’s time to change your soles.

The main thing right now is to make an appointment, even if it’s for later in the season. Better to be safe than to get stuck at the last minute, with limited options.

In the meantime, take the 25 cent test to see if your winter tires will stay safe until spring. If the rubber blocks no longer hide the end of the caribou’s muzzle, the tread is less than 6/32 of an inch thick and the tires need to be changed.

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