A used Chevrolet Volt, a good deal?

A used Chevrolet Volt, a good deal?

I would like to buy a used Chevrolet Volt, but since the model no longer exists, that worries me a little. Is this a car you recommend?


Hello Edouard,

The Chevrolet Volt may no longer exist as a new car, but it made history in its own way, being one of the first electric cars to market on a large scale, in addition to offering a powertrain unique to the time.

This is because when the Volt’s batteries are empty, a small gasoline engine kicks in and acts as a generator to supply energy to the batteries. Thus, the range of the car is greatly increased, and since a gasoline engine is more efficient at producing electricity than at turning wheels, we obtain very interesting fuel consumption. Finally, a last-generation Volt can travel nearly 90 km in electric mode, and do less than 5.5 L / 100 km in “gasoline” mode.

Now, buying a Volt shouldn’t stress you out. You see, while its powertrain might seem complex, it’s not particularly expensive to maintain on a daily basis. If you use the gasoline engine a lot, you will obviously have to remember to have the oil changed and see to its maintenance, but this small 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine has not been very capricious since its marketing. .

As for the fact that the model is no longer sold, that is not a problem either. Chevrolet still does the maintenance, and parts for a model can usually be purchased for up to 10 years after its demise. So, no worries on this side, either! Especially since there are so many General Motors service outlets that you most likely live near one.

If you are going to make long trips repeatedly, the Chevrolet Volt may not be the best car for you. There are several hybrids and plug-in hybrids on the market that consume less gas, such as the Toyota Prius or the Honda Clarity.

That being said, if you’re used to driving around fifty kilometers a day and have the option of charging your vehicle at home, a Volt could allow you to cover almost all of your trips without having to resort to the leash. ‘gasoline.

To find a used Volt, it’s this way!


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