Wednesday , January 20 2021

You’ve lost your sense of smell due to COVID, don’t despair

You have lost your sense of smell, you suffer from anosmia due to COVID-19 and you despair of rediscovering the pleasure of smelling the aroma of a dish, the intoxicating scents, even the sweet smell of your loved one, there There is hope, says pharmacist Diane Lamarre.

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“In an assessment of more than 2,000 people who have lost smell, taste or both, but mostly smell, among them 86% of these people suffered from a mild form of the disease and 4 to 7 % have had the moderate to severe form of COVID, ”explains Ms. Lamarre, citing a recent article in the Journal of Internal Medicine.

According to the article, “85% of people spontaneously recover their sense of smell in two months, 95% in six months,” explains the pharmacist. It’s six months long, but rest assured, the vast majority find their sense of smell ”.

The pharmacist offers a way to stimulate this precious sense.

“Those who want to can stimulate their sense of smell by smelling lemon, rose, eucalyptus, clove, quite strong smells that could aid recovery. But rest assured, this process will auto-regenerate itself normally in the vast majority of people, ”says Diane Lamarre.

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