Friday , January 15 2021

What will become of Samantha in Sex and the City?

(Toronto) Speculation was rife this week on social media about what will happen to Samantha Jones’ character in the sequel to Sex and the City.

Kim Cattrall, who played the witty Samantha in the original series, would not be in the quartet of New Yorkers. Media scholar Robert Thompson believes it would be suicidal to replace Kim Cattrall, who was a five-time Emmy finalist (over six seasons) and won a Golden Globe for the role.

“Sometimes you get the perfect fusion of an actress and a role, and that’s what happened with Kim Cattrall and Samantha,” said Mr. Thompson, director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at the ‘Syracuse University. “It’s one thing to change ‘Roseanne’s’ sister, it’s quite another to have Samantha play another actress. ”

Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed on Instagram that Samantha “is not part” of this sequel produced for the HBO Max channel. The other two characters of the quartet of New Yorkers will be of the new version, And Just Like That…, in ten episodes.

The news sparked a flood of articles and social media posts about Samantha’s fate. The online betting site Bovada even published odds on how the character will be “gotten rid of” in the first episode: has she moved, is she dead, or held in a prison or institution? The bets are open.

In any case, some Twitter users have argued that Samantha was at the heart of this popular series, which lasted six seasons, starting in 1998. We also committed two films, before Kim Cattrall, who grew up in Canada, says that she was done with this frankness.

“Maybe the new version will work if it’s Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda who are investigating the mysterious disappearance of Samantha Jones,” suggested television critic Sonia Saraiya. They would just have to get on the trail of abandoned Louboutin pumps and empty martini glasses. In the end, the three women find out that Samantha left them because she hates them. ”

The double of Sex and the City and Sopranos, which debuted a year later, in 1999, helped forge HBO’s identity as the premier destination for cable series with storylines and language rarely seen on conventional television.

The character of Samantha was one of the best examples of that freedom HBO had, with its profanity and promiscuity – all delivered by Kim Cattrall with a brilliant blend of acidic wet sweetness.

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