Friday , January 15 2021

The Impact becomes CF Montreal

After 27 years of history, the Montreal Impact becomes the Montreal Football Club in a desire to take a more international turn.

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“It’s a process that began almost two years ago. We wanted an identity that reflects that of Montreal and of the team’s supporters, ”said President Joey Saputo during a virtual event held Thursday morning.

Saputo took the opportunity to appeal to supporters who doubt the seriousness of the approach.

“It’s hard to let go of the things you love, but the reality is that to have an impact, you have to get rid of the Impact. The Impact has had a great local impact and we can be proud of it.

“Take my word for it, we will be lifting trophies in Montreal. It’s not a question of if, but when. ”Football or soccer Club president Kevin Gilmore explained the process behind the selection of this new identity.


“We wondered if it was football or soccer? Soccer is very American and football is very European. Here, football is the Alouettes.

“But we realized that the term football is used a lot here in Montreal. We know that it does not suit everyone, but we did not want to do like the others by becoming an FC (Editor’s note: Football Club). We are the only French-speaking team in an English-speaking league. “

And why not the Montreal Football Club? “It was the turn that seemed to make the most sense to us,” explained Co-Creative Director Justin Kingsley.

By placing the name Impact on a tablet, the team management therefore developed a new image and a new logo.

In a blue circle, which represents the insular aspect of Montreal, we see “M’s” for Montreal and the arrows which have become synonymous with the Montreal metro. These two elements form a snowflake which represents the nordicity of the city.

“We took well-known icons of the city of Montreal, particularly from the days of Expo 67 and the Olympic Games. The arrow represents people converging on the same place to unite, ”explained Justin Kingsley. The team name is also found at the top and bottom and two lilies on either side of the logo.

The official colors are Impact Black, Ice Gray and Sacred Blue. White is therefore replaced by a shade of gray. As for the new uniform, it will be unveiled at the beginning of February.

With the slogan Straight Ahead, the club intends to be the representation of the identity of the city. “The snowflake represents the fact that we are all unique and that we are a solid whole when we come together”, pictured Kevin Gilmore .

The clear desire is to become the international image of the city of Montreal and that is why we evacuated a nickname to keep only the name of the city.

“We have a privilege as a sports club, to be an ambassador of our city and to speak to the world through a sport played everywhere”, insisted Gilmore. “We have a responsibility to make our city shine. and our culture and what we do today is to assume it fully. ”

In this spirit, the club made a short film featuring the city in the three languages present when it was founded, namely French, English and Mohawk.

Even if the club is completely changing its image and name, there is no question of drawing a line on its past which includes three second division championships, ten Voyageurs cups as well as participation in the final of the CONCACAF Champions League in 2015.

“History will always be part of our club. The evolution requires that we proceed forward, but we will certainly not put aside the 27 years of history of the club ”, assured Kevin Gilmore.

“We didn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We have reached a stage where we need to equip ourselves with better tools, ”added Justin Kingsley.

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