Tuesday , January 26 2021

The former director of the SPVM claims $ 3 million

The former director of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), Philippe Pichet, claims three million dollars from the Attorney General of Quebec as well as an apology from the Ministry of Public Security for the wrong which has caused him been caused.

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In the formal notice to which TVA Nouvelles had access, Mr Pitcher particularly deplores “having learned in a degrading way his suspension live, alone in his office” in December 2017.

The one who worked for 24 years at the SPVM regrets not having had the right to speak until only six months after his suspension. This prevented him from re-establishing his status with future employers, writes Philippe Pichet’s lawyer, Me Pierre Eloi Talbot.

“[L’ex-ministre de la Sécurité publique Martin Coiteux] suspends our client and suggests that he will be dismissed even though he never informed Philippe Pichet of this decision. Our client was never informed of any reproach and he did not have the opportunity to consult the Bouchard report or to be heard or to give explanations regarding said report ”, we can also read in the statement. remains.

The former director of the SPVM even affirms that Mr. Coiteux had expressed his confidence to him a few weeks before.

Criticism of the Bouchard report

Philippe Pichet finally had access to the Bouchard report, which led to its suspension on December 6, 2017, at the same time as the public.

Remember that this report criticized the way internal affairs were handled within the SPVM.

“As part of his mandate, Mr. Bouchard met our client for less than an hour and a half and did not deal in any detail with the specific situations that are the subject of his report, remaining only at the general level” , is he denounced in the formal notice.

“Even more worrying, during the short meeting between our client and Mr. Bouchard, the latter had not even prepared a question or meeting plan and moved from one subject to another. Our client has never had the opportunity to be confronted with elements of the Bouchard report and to be able to give his version of the facts and respond to the allegations, ”we add.

As for the report of Martin Prud’homme, who acted as interim after his suspension, Philippe Pichet claims to have never been met before its publication in May 2018.

In light of the events which led him to leave his post as director of the SPVM, Philippe Pichet considers that he has suffered significant moral damages “in connection with the unfair treatment he suffered.”


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