Friday , January 15 2021

Test bench | Ford Bronco Sport: the competition

The new Bronco is tackling well-established sizes. The route will be tough …

Jeep Compass Trailhawk

Price: from $ 36,195 The commercial success of the Compass so far is more threatened than ever. Sales are running out of steam and not without reason. This model has not been revised since its launch in 2017. In its Trailhawk configuration, this Jeep does not shy away from facing the Bronco Sport Badlands in ruts or mud. On the other hand, he must surrender in practically all other areas. Despite its more generous displacement (2.4 liters), its engine is rather lymphatic and the automatic transmission that accompanies it is sometimes confused. Handling is decent, but less refined all the same than that of the Bronco Sport Badlands. The interior presentation is less clever, and less rewarding too.

Subaru Forester

Price: from $ 28,995

PHOTO PROVIDED BY SUBARU Subaru Forester The Forester doesn’t give a damn about decals, fender flares and other accessories galore. This Subaru is presented unvarnished. At the risk of getting bogged down, the Forester will not be able to venture as far from the tarmac as the Bronco Sport Badlands, but will instead prove to be more efficient on the road due to more neutral handling and a more comfortable suspension. . Its interior will also be praised for its versatility and roominess, but not for its creativity.

Toyota RAV4 Trail

Price: from $ 38,890

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PHOTO MAGROUND GMBH, SUPPLIED BY TOYOTA Toyota RAV4 TRD OffRoad Anxious to occupy as much ground as possible, Toyota is giving it a layer by offering buyers of the Trail version a set of TRD (Toyota Racing Development) options. Offered for an additional $ 2,000, this set has, aside from a revised suspension, little to convince us to go on an expedition. The Bronco Sport Badlands remains the most talented in this regard. It will not be his only victory over his Japanese rival. The American also offers more user-friendly connectivity. For the rest, the RAV4 Trail turns out to be more pleasant, more comfortable and also more spacious on a daily basis.

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