Friday , January 15 2021

Stay in Florida in December | Michel Bissonnette of Radio-Canada apologizes

Following an article from National Post published this morning, which revealed his recent stay in his condo in Florida, CBC Senior Vice President Michel Bissonnette issued a statement Thursday afternoon.

“I had to travel to Miami at the beginning of December to settle matters relating to a property that I have owned for several years. I had not been there since the start of the pandemic. “

“I took the opportunity to telecommute for two weeks and take 10 days of vacation. During my stay, I did not go to any restaurant or business. When I returned to Montreal, I followed public health instructions to the letter by quarantining myself for 14 days. “

“As Canadians were strongly advised to avoid stays abroad, I understand the reaction to my stay, I sincerely apologize and apologize to employees and citizens. “

The National Post deplored that the big boss of the French service of Radio-Canada remained from December 2 to 27 in Florida, despite the advice of the Canadian health authorities not to leave the country ”, stressing that this American state is severely affected by the pandemic.

Mr. Bissonnette’s trip was also denounced by the union representing CBC employees in Toronto. “Whatever their reasons, senior executives who travel to sunny destinations on vacation instead of staying at home show a lack of judgment and respect for employees to whom they should lead by example,” declared to National Post, Kim Trynacity, President of the CBC Chapter at the Canadian Media Guild.

As for the president of the Union of workers and workers of Radio-Canada, Pierre Tousignant, he believes that Michel Bissonnette failed in “his duty to set an example, especially since the management of Radio-Canada asks its employees to scrupulously respect the sanitary rules of the public health authorities ”.

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