Friday , January 15 2021

School support more necessary than ever

The pandemic and its effects are forcing more young people to resort to educational support. Homework assistance and motivation services in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region are currently in great demand, in addition to facing new challenges.

At Pro-Jeune-Est, an organization whose mission is to prevent dropping out of school among young people in primary and secondary schools, we can observe the various impacts of the health crisis.

“We are currently seeing an increase in demand, an increase in the concern of parents and the demotivation of young people,” said Véronique Thibault, director of the Pro-Jeune-Est organization on Thursday, specifying that the uncertainty and the many changes that have affected the school system since the start of the pandemic have created these problems.

Demotivation hits young people in high school more strongly, according to the organization, which has had to hire three additional counselors since August to meet the needs.

Several impacts

The consequences of the pandemic affect young people in different ways depending on the tutors in the region.

Some feel “overwhelmed” when concepts had to be studied quickly following the confinement of last March.

“There are even young people who have never had any difficulties for whom, all of a sudden, it is more difficult,” said Marie-Ève Vigneault, school tutor at Un mot à la fois in Rimouski.

According to several tutors, the psychological aspect currently takes up more space during meetings with young people.

“He has a lot of kids who have lost confidence in their abilities, so it’s critical that they visualize their success. We work a lot on positivity, the fact of always telling ourselves that we are capable of achieving it ”, underlined Carole Houdet, founder of the school support service Coup de Pouce.

Quebec unveiled its game plan on January 8 to help struggling students. In particular, the government announced that free tutoring services would be available from the end of the month. The ministerial end-of-year exams have also been canceled.

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