Friday , January 15 2021

Paid to find racism everywhere

Valérie Plante has found her Commissioner for the fight against racism. It will be Bochra Manaï, a former spokesperson for the National Council of Muslims, fighting against Law 21.

At least things are clear: we know what the mayoress and her political commissar fall under the category of systemic racism.

We will be faced with an overpaid ideologue whose mandate is to translate into the terms of the theory of systemic racism complex social phenomena that have nothing to do with racism.


It will produce reports that are supposed to show that there is racism everywhere. It will organize training workshops to re-educate employees of the municipal administration who do not subscribe to the official theory. We can hope that the employees who will suffer them will make public what will be inflicted on them.

She won’t be the only one. There is no shortage of civil servants and activist academics who pass off their ideology as expertise.

We are witnessing, everywhere in the West, a conceptual hijacking on a large scale.

Racism is absolutely reprehensible, of course. He is abject.

But theorists today seek to change its definition to stick this label to realities having nothing to do with it.

Robin DiAngelo, one of the most important theorists of this pseudo anti-racism, says it: a good part of his work is to modify the definition we have of racism.

The same word no longer designates the same thing. It is an ideological ruse and an intellectual fraud.

Ibram X. Kendi, another major ideologue of pseudo anti-racism, explains as well as from his point of view, the militants of thealt right (America’s new white racist right) are less dangerous than those who defend universalism, who would be the real racists today. To ignore the color of people would be to renew white supremacy and white privilege.

It is on the basis of a similar theory adapted to Quebec that secularism is being tried here.

Question to all those who have adhered a little quickly to this theory in recent months: do they consider that Law 21 is racism? Do they consider that Bill 101 contributes to systemic racism, as the Montreal Intercultural Council maintains? Do they consider that refusing to define people by their skin color is racism?


I ask the question without malice to the many public figures who have rallied under the influence of emotion or fear of looking bad to this theory: are they aware of all the implications of this theory? Now that they see the full significance of it, are they ready to question their membership?

In any event, there will therefore be, in Montreal, an ideologue dearly paid by taxpayers to see racism everywhere. Quebeckers will pay for it.

We finance our mental colonization and our Americanization out of our public funds.

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