Monday , January 25 2021

In the studio: what future for the Chrysler brand?

The merger between PSA (Peugeot) and FCA (Fiat Chrysler) will change many things in the North American automotive landscape.

This new conglomerate, to which we gave the name Stellantis, could eventually add certain models to our roads… but also eliminate a few.

After the imminent departure of Fiat, which has never been able to establish itself well in our market, another brand could live on borrowed time. This is Chrysler, which hardly sells vehicles anymore.

Aside from the Pacifica, Chrysler only offers its aging 300 sedan as well as the Grand Caravan, which is actually an entry-level variant of the Pacifica. If Stellantis will rely heavily on the Jeep and Dodge brands, what will become of Chrysler? Let’s say that it does not bode very well …

“Apart from Fiat, if there is a brand in the bosom of FCA whose future is compromised, it is Chrysler”, analyzes Antoine Joubert in the context of a capsule. In Studio, moderated by Daniel Melançon.

For all the details about the changes to come with the arrival of Stellantis, watch the capsule at the top of this article!

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