Friday , January 15 2021

Death of the magician Siegfried Fischbacher of the duo Siegfried & Roy

(Los Angeles) German-born illusionist Siegfried Fischbacher is gone for good: The survivor of the famous magician duo Siegfried & Roy died at his home in Las Vegas on Wednesday evening from cancer, he said. we learned Thursday from his agent.

Siegfried was 81 years old and will have survived only eight months of his accomplice Roy, who died last May of complications related to COVID-19 at the age of 75, also in Las Vegas, recalls their agent, Dave Kirvin, in a statement sent to AFP.

It is in the world capital of games and flashy shows that the two men had known glory for many years thanks to their acts featuring wild animals – the famous white tigers in particular – and even elephants, which they performed. disappear and reappear at will before the astonished eyes of the public.

Siegfried and Roy had started their careers in Las Vegas in 1967 in magazines before becoming world stars in the 1980s thanks to their extraordinary performances. The White Tigers were their hallmark and it was with them that they performed with them starting in 1990, sold out almost every night at the famous Mirage Hotel Casino, the largest establishment in Vegas at the time.

But in October 2003, on his 59th birthday, Roy Horn was attacked during a performance by a white Bengal tiger, Mantecore. Seriously injured, he had suffered serious consequences, including loss of mobility and language, and the show could not resume.

Siegfried & Roy had only made one new appearance in 2009, before officially retiring the following year.

Born in the town of Rosenheim, Bavaria, in 1939, Siegfried is said to have discovered his vocation as a conjurer as a child, after stumbling upon a book of magic tricks in a shop when he was 8 years old.

In the late 1950s, he had met Roy Horn on a cruise ship and they had decided to team up to put on acts with exotic animals, first across Europe, then in Las Vegas. It was in Paris that they were spotted and won their ticket to the gambling capital.

Siegfried Fischbacher’s sister, Dolore, a nun living in Munich, Germany, told US broadcaster NBC that she spoke on the phone Wednesday night to her brother, who was severely debilitated with terminal pancreatic cancer, shortly before his death in the domain of “Little Bavaria” that the magician duo owned in Vegas.

“He could only say ‘OK’,” Dolore said.

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