Friday , January 15 2021

Curfew: fewer children in the emergency room at night

Doctors at children’s hospitals have been concerned since the curfew began, as they have noticed that parents are reluctant to go to the emergency room when they should do so for their injured or very ill child.

It seems that the parents are delaying the visit to the hospital for fear of being stopped by the police. However, emergencies are among the exceptions that allow Quebecers to be outside even after 8 p.m.

In addition, when parents leave the hospital, they are given a letter confirming that they have indeed presented to the emergency room of the pediatric hospital.

“After 8 p.m., we have a lot less patients and we noticed that we have patients who arrive the next day with illnesses that should not have waited all night,” explained Dr Antonio D’Angelo from CHU Sainte. -Justine.

The emergency manager said he saw cases of fractures, dislocations or lacerations that were too late.

The same phenomenon is observed at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

” [Il y a] patients with breathing difficulties who should present themselves more quickly, but parents hesitate because they are afraid of the curfew. Babies with a fever should come straight away for a consultation, but unfortunately parents wait longer, ”noted Sylvie Lévesque nurse manager.

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