Friday , January 15 2021

Cadillac CELESTIQ: a full-width screen and a smart roof

Cadillac spearheads the 30 next-generation electric vehicles that General Motors plans to bring to the world by 2025. The LYRIQ crossover is already known, but then what? It will be the prestige sedan CELESTIQ, a preview of which was given yesterday during the virtual edition of CES 2021.

“Designed to set a new standard in luxury electric vehicles,” the future rival of the Porsche Taycan and Mercedes-Benz EQS will obviously be anchored on GM’s new Ultium platform. It will also offer all-wheel drive and a four-wheel steering system.

However, the Cadillac CELESTIQ promises to stand out and impress with its design and technology. Two elements hold particular attention.

First, the so-called intelligent glass roof is divided into four quadrants, the opacity of which can be adjusted according to the wishes of the occupants. This would naturally be a first in the industry. Moreover, Cadillac places great emphasis on the personalized experience that each person who slips aboard the CELESTIQ will have.

Photo: Cadillac

Next, the driver and front passenger will find a screen in front of them that spans the entire width of the dashboard, from one roof pillar to the other, in response to the new Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen. The part facing the driver can be configured to reduce distractions while driving.

There will also be screens on the center console in both rows (to adjust the functions related to comfort) and each of the rear passengers will also have their own multimedia screen.

Cadillac has not yet specified when the official unveiling of the CELESTIQ will take place, let alone its date of arrival on the market (after the LYRIQ in 2022), but we know that the production will be done by hand and in limited numbers. . Count on The Car Guide to keep you informed.

In video: we discover the huge screen of the Cadillac Escalade 2021

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