Friday , January 15 2021

Ubisoft partners with Lucasfilm for new open-world Star Wars game

Paris | Ubisoft announced on Wednesday a collaboration with studio Lucasfilm Games to develop a new open-world game in the Star Wars universe.

“The richness of the Star Wars universe is a fabulous source of inspiration for our teams,” said Yves Guillemot, co-founder and CEO of Ubisoft, quoted in a group press release.

“This is the start of a long-term collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm Games,” added the executive.

Since the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney in 2012, the adaptations of Star Wars in video games were entrusted to Electronic Arts, and the franchise therefore represents a choice for Ubisoft, whose title took off Wednesday afternoon by more than 6% on the Paris Bourse, at 84 euros.

This new “Star Wars open-world narrative adventure” will be led by Massive Entertainment (Far Cry 3, The Division 2), Ubisoft’s studio based in Sweden.

“Ubisoft has unique know-how when it comes to creating immersive worlds. (Massive Entertainment a) the creativity, experience and closeness to the community to inject incredible authenticity, depth and innovative character into this new Star Wars game, ”said Douglas Reilly, vice president of Lucasfilm Games, also in the press release.

Information on the game’s release date will be shared later, the French group said.

The famous Star Wars saga of George Lucas has seen the birth of a host of video game titles, releases still very popular with fanatics of the franchise.

But the historical label Lucasfilm Games also wants to return to the front of the stage with other epic adventures, and in particular those of the hero Indiana Jones whose big return to the consoles was announced on Twitter on Tuesday by the American video game publisher. Bethesda (The Elder Scrolls, Fallout), recently acquired by Microsoft.

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