Friday , January 15 2021

The sacred bombshell best Quebec comic strip

The Comic Book Critics Association awarded the album The bomb (published by Glénat) its Critics’ Prize for the best Quebec album of 2020.

The ACBD thus highlights the work of Quebecer Denis Rodier, who illustrated this voluminous comic of some 450 pages devoted to the invention of the nuclear bomb and scripted by the Belgian Didier Alcante and the French Laurent-Frédéric Bollée.

The designer offers “a completed black and white work, supported by a varied and dynamic staging, which places itself at the service of a historical, scientific and political narrative in which there is also a great humanity”, declared the artist. ‘ACBD by press release.

The other albums listed were Paul at home by Michel Rabagliati (La Watermelon) and This is how I disappear by Mirion Malle (Éditions Pow Pow / The City Burns).

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