Friday , January 15 2021

Montreal postpones the payment of property taxes

The administration of Valérie Plante announced Wednesday morning that it will again postpone the payment of property taxes. A request that the official opposition intended to make at the next municipal council meeting.

The president of the executive committee, Benoit Dorais, made the announcement on Wednesday morning, at the very end of the executive committee meeting. The City of Montreal will therefore postpone the payment of the first installment of property taxes for residents and businesses from March to June. For the second installment, the schedule will be extended from June to September.

The administration of Valérie Plante will file a notice of motion to this effect during the next meeting of the municipal council, January 25.

“Our administration has made the choice that this year again, we will postpone the deadline for the payment of municipal taxes. […] Since the start of the pandemic, our administration has taken several actions to listen to Montreal taxpayers. And sometimes, financial help, both for the economic community and for Montreal taxpayers, is appreciated, ”said Mr. Dorais.

“This is an important decision that our administration has decided to take to give Montrealers a break, because we know that the pandemic will not disappear by magic.” -Benoit Dorais, president of the executive committee

Opposition motion

However, the official opposition had already been planning for a few days to present a motion at the next municipal council meeting to demand this request for postponement. The leader of Ensemble Montreal, Lionel Perez, is therefore “delighted” that the City is on the same wavelength as his party on this issue.

“We believe that the financial impact of the pandemic continues to be felt by Montrealers. The unemployment rate has increased. We are in the midst of a curfew that affects Montrealers and we think that the City must show understanding and flexibility, ”he told Metro.

Several postponements

Last year, the City first postponed the payment of property taxes from June 1 to July 2. She then announced a new postponement for the second installment, from June 1 to September 1.

These postponements of the payment of property taxes can have financial repercussions for the City. By delaying the arrival of large sums in its coffers, the City is then forced to borrow more to compensate for this delay.

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