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Love is in the meadow | Tinder agricultural, sweep right!

Two love at first sight, a first gay farmer, singles who kiss with their eyes (blame it on COVID-19), contenders who further shake their farmers and a new host in rural settings: the new season of Love is in the meadow promises to be as abundant as the previous ones, despite the pandemic that has hovered over the shoots.

This ninth season kicks off Thursday at 8 p.m. on Noovo, with Katherine Levac at the helm of the baby-making machine – the 23e child, that of Clara and Gabriel de Val-Paradis, will be born in March. A real Tinder agricultural with 12 couples still in line, including 3 marriages.

Rest assured, Katherine Levac is not turning this reality show into a haystack gag festival, pouet-pouet. The young humorist walks in the benevolent furrow dug for eight years by Marie-Ève Janvier.

Fan since the first edition, Katherine Levac brings a more enthusiastic touch to the show. We can feel her feverishness – well controlled, anyway – to play matchmaker in rural areas. Authenticity can be detected and it pays off. On the other hand, the young woman has her foot slightly on the brake (of the tractor) and could afford a few more punchy or improvised lines, in due course.

To familiarize audiences with Katherine Levac’s style, the production reorganized the structure of the series, especially in the first episode, to provide the host with maximum screen time. It is a bit long, it must be said. The “speed dating” has been spread over the second and third episodes, while the adventure in the five farms takes off at the fourth hour.

Thank you life, the original song by Love is in the meadow, was kept, despite the departure from TVA of its interpreter. Wo-oh, yeah-hi-yeah!

The five new farmers of Love is in the meadow


    Martin, a 25-year-old dairy farmer, is the one who received the most letters from suitors.

  • Denis, 60, a corn producer, is the dean of reality TV.


    Denis, 60, a corn producer, is the dean of reality TV.

  • Marc-Antoine, former footballer, graduate in history, has a fixation on food ...


    Marc-Antoine, former footballer, graduate in history, has a fixation on food …

  • Alex, 30, from Saint-Elzéar, is the first gay competitor of Love is in the meadow.


    Alex, 30, from Saint-Elzéar, is the first gay competitor of Love is in the meadow.

  • Julien, 30, from Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu


    Julien, 30, from Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu

1/ 5

Now our five new farmers, how are they doing? There is no Hugues or Deven in the lot. According to the health measures in force, reconciliations were only allowed on the final trip, after the official formation of the couples. And the “final trip” is not Punta Cana, but many activities in the Montreal area. Damn pandemic, eh?

Martin, 25, dairy farmer from Mirabel, received the most letters from suitors. It’s not my favorite, I admit. The shy Martin likes to smell good and “be shiny”. It’s his baby side, he tells us. The girls hope, however, to “bite his butt”.

The dean of Love is in the meadow, it is the romantic Denis, 60 years old, producer of sweet corn from Neuville. Will he be the Nicolas of 2021? He seems less heady than Nicolas, from the famous duo Nicolas and Louise, and does not speak of him in the third person singular, which already gives him points. After 40 years with the mother of his children, Denis is looking for the rare pearl, and it shines brightly for him, let’s say.

Former footballer with a degree in history, Marc-Antoine, 25, of Pike River, in Montérégie, has a fixation on food. He only talks about that, that he’s looking for a cook, a girl who will put his meals on the table. It gets heavy, and the candidates will not hesitate to remind him.

Ah yes, the best friend of the awkward Marc-Antoine is Philippe from last season. Yes, yes, the same Philippe who flushed Jessica in Los Cabos. Let’s be reassured: “Marc-Antoine is much less stupid than me,” Philippe confided in the first episode.

Alex, 30, from Saint-Elzéar, was the second most popular among the five headliners of Love is in the meadow. A fan of CrossFit, reading and traveling, he hopes his future sweetheart will move into his house and renovate it together. Alex’s instinct is sharp, you’ll see. There are sparks in the air, quickly. Beauceron Alex thus becomes the first gay competitor of Love is in the meadow in nine years.

Then there is Julien, the kind 30-year-old Viking, established in Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu. He also loves to “chrome” before going out into town. He has a passion for ATVs, snowmobiles, and his riders have names that make Love is in the meadow like Alyssia, Érika or Chloé. Without revealing anything, Julien is one of the guys who will be stirred up in the knowledge of this great agro-rural-sentimental adventure.

Monday spreadsheet

District 31 continued to dominate the Monday night listener with 1,573,000 tuning junkies. At 20 o ‘clock, The breakaway (906,000) took over Another story (825,000). The daily premiere of Big Brother Celebrity on Noovo was watched by 590,000 people, which exceeds the figures ofOD at the same stage in their journey. At 9 p.m., excellent performance of Upper country (843,000) and good competition at 7:30 p.m. between Tower (761,000) and Too much (614,000).

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