Friday , January 15 2021

It’s now easier to have access to all your Facebook information

More than two years after having introduced shortcuts to access all our Facebook information, the firm finally decided to reorganize everything. There are now more categories and sub-categories there, which greatly improves navigation.

For the sake of transparency, Facebook has also added information that explains how our data is used to receive more targeted advertising.

Even though this type of content was already available with proper digging, the new interface makes it easier to understand and find.

The “Your Facebook Info” section has a new interface that is much easier to understand.

More categories and more transparency

Besides the beautiful images, the biggest change to “Your Facebook Info” is the addition of categories.

Before, the section was separated in two, either according to our information and information about us. Now there are eight:

  • Your activity on Facebook;
  • Friends and Subscribers;
  • Preferences;
  • Login and security information;
  • Personal informations;
  • Recorded information;
  • Advertising information;
  • Apps and websites outside of Facebook.

Each of them is also divided into subcategories to make navigation more natural.

We can now also do research. For example, if we want to see what history Facebook keeps of our geographical positions, we only have to type the word “location” to have suggestions.

How to access Your Facebook information mobile application

“Your Facebook information” can be found in the settings of the mobile application.

How to access Your Facebook information

  1. Click on the hamburger tab (the three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner.
  2. To select Settings and privacy, then Settings.
  3. Go down to Your Facebook information, then choose Access your information.

Note that for the moment, this new interface is only available on the Facebook mobile application for iOS and Android, but other platforms should soon be added to the list.

How to remove apps that collect our data on Facebook

How to prevent apps and websites from sharing our activities with Facebook

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