Friday , January 15 2021

For an everyday car, Toyota Supra or Acura TLX Type S?

I hesitate between the Toyota GR Supra and the new Acura TLX Type S as an everyday car. I know that they are not comparable but they are for me two favorites. Which would you choose and why?


Hello Alexandre,

It’s hard to comment on the Acura TLX Type S, which won’t arrive here until the spring. However, it is obvious that for daily use, this sedan with all-wheel drive of 355 horsepower is certainly better suited than a sports car like the Supra.

In fact, although the Supra can do well in winter (depending on the conditions), one must also consider its impractical side: the trunk is tiny, you only fit two people in it and it is clear that the car being more near the ground it is difficult to deal with degraded pavements.

On the other hand, with its new 382 horsepower mechanics, the Supra offers a driving pleasure that will surpass that of the TLX, however powerful it may be. Here, it is about an authentic sports car designed to give its driver the ultimate driving sensations, with an exceptional level of performance. For its part, the TLX will make it possible to obtain great sensations and strong acceleration, but in a heavier car and which considers more the comfort of the occupants.

455934 j hesite entre la toyota gr supra et la nouvelle acura tlx type s comme voiture de tous les jours

It is therefore very difficult to answer this question since the two cars have very distinct vocations. Given that the TLX will probably offer very good performance in a format much better suited to everyday life, I would probably recommend this model against the Supra, which should rather be considered as a summer toy.

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