Friday , January 15 2021

Coeur de Pirate acquires Dare To Care

It’s now done: the musician Coeur de Pirate is the new owner of the record company Dare To Care Records, six months after the storm that shook the company.

“Today, I announce that I have acquired the label Dare To Care Records, wrote Cœur de Pirate in an Instagram post on Wednesday morning. It’s a whole new chapter of the record label being written starting today and I’m proud to carry the torch. “

The singer-songwriter adds that this company which “has made many local artists grow” has allowed her to become what it is today. It had announced last August its intention to acquire this music giant in Quebec, following denunciations of sexual misconduct targeting Bernard Adamus, which had led to the withdrawal of its founder, Éli Bissonnette.

Signed under the label since its inception in 2008, Coeur de Pirate said it wanted to prevent Dare To Care from wasting away because of the torments it has gone through.

“My priority will be to ensure the well-being of artists and employees, while contributing to the development of the various projects of our rich music scene,” she concluded in her message on Wednesday. The work that awaits me is great and I look forward to bringing you some great news over the next few weeks. “

The team currently in place at Dare To Care will continue to maintain operations in collaboration with the management team, the record company said in a statement released Wednesday. “A new board of directors will also play a role in governance,” adds one. This will be chaired by Nicolas Martin, head of operations at Cœur de pirate inc. “

Jan-Fryderyk Pleszczynski, interim president, appointed to take over from founder Éli Bissonnette in the midst of the turmoil, will remain in office for a few weeks “to ensure a smooth transition”. His role ending with the closing of the transaction, he will then join the Board of Directors.

Éli Bisonnette left office after admitting that he was aware of the allegations of sexual misconduct against Bernard Adamus. The latter had just been denounced on social networks during the second wave #moiaussi and released by Dare To Care. The Boulay Sisters, then Coeur de Pirate itself, then announced that they were ending their management relationship with the label. The employees of Dare To Care had also expressed themselves to dissociate themselves from Eli Bissonnette and express their desire to see the box survive despite “the mistakes of two individuals”.

This wish has now been fulfilled as Cœur de Pirate takes the helm of the company, which represents, with its French-speaking little sister Grosse Boîte, artists such as Émile Bilodeau, Jean Leloup, Fanny Bloom, Fred Fortin and many others.

“This is a very exciting new page being written today for Dare To Care Records with the announcement of the acquisition of the Montreal record label by Béatrice Martin”, writes the record company in its press release. “Carried by a new lease of life, the Dare To Care Records team will continue its work with the artists who have been at the heart of the company’s activities for the past two decades, while working to define the orientations that will ensure the development and the exploration of new creative universes. “

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