Friday , January 15 2021

A strike mandate requested from member of the Trois -Lac support staff union | VIVA MEDIA

With an agreement that expired more than a year ago, the Trois -Lac support staff union wants to give itself the necessary means in the event the government refuses to negotiate.

On January 26, the employees who are members of the Trois-Lacs Support Staff Union (SPSTL) will have to vote on a strike mandate.

The CSQ affiliated union confides that several local unions, like theirs, will submit a vote for a strike mandate to their members shortly.

“We have been doing several visibility activities over the past year,” explains Éric Vézina, president of the SPSTL (CSQ). With the pandemic, we had changed our initial offer and since that time there has been radio silence in the government. “

According to Mr. Vézina the strike is the ultimate means of pressure. However, he does not wish to use it either. He still believes that unions and government can agree on a collective agreement that respects employees and makes the profession attractive.

“I reach out to the government, I’m sure the two parties can come to an agreement,” he said. Support staff provide essential services to children in schools. They must have a convention that respects them. “

Of course, a strike mandate does not mean that the union can call a strike whenever it wants, according to the president. The terms of the strike must be communicated to the government with a 30-day notice.

“If we do not follow the rules in place, we could face hefty fines,” confirms Vézina.

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