Friday , January 15 2021

A drive-in for a retrospective of Christopher Nolan’s films

Dunkirk, Interstellar or Inception and of course Tenet. The Hollywood Legion Theater in Los Angeles will offer special Nolan programming that is fully accessible in the drive-in. A device thus allowing Californians to enjoy films on the big screen despite the pandemic.

Open-air cinema is still a good alternative to Netflix. If the American giant made a lot of noise recently with its latest announcements, traditional cinemas have more than one trick up their sleeve to try to seduce viewers.

While the dark rooms remain closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Hollywood Legion Theater continues to offer programming for its drive-in theater and this time, it is the films of Christopher Nolan that have been chosen for the next screenings. His biggest hits will be rebroadcast from January 17 with Inception, worn by Leonardo DiCaprio. The trilogy of Batman with Batman Begins January 19, The dark knight January 21 and The Dark Knight Rises January 22. Interstellar, Dunkirk as well as the very last Tenet are also scheduled for the end of January. The blockbuster released in September 2020 had already been shown in the drive-in in December.

“We want people to feel safe when they step out of the house and we go to great lengths to ensure health and safety so that people can enjoy the movies,” cinema director Bill Steele told Variety. “We are absolutely attached to the safety of our staff and our customers,” he added.

To be able to attend this Christopher Nolan film festival, it will cost 65 dollars per car. A somewhat high price which still entitles you to unlimited popcorn for each person in the car as well as sweets and drinks. Interested parties can already register online at the Hollywood Legion Theater website.

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