Tuesday , January 12 2021

The PQ asks to limit the fees charged to restaurateurs by delivery companies

The Parti Québécois is urging the government to cap the delivery costs that companies such as UberEat and DoorDash can charge to restaurant owners, a measure recently implemented in British Columbia.

These costs, which can reach up to 30% of the cost of an order, melt their profit margin, especially in the case of small restaurateurs, pleads the spokesperson of the party in terms of economy and recovery, Méganne Perry Mélançon .

“Often, small restaurants do not have delivery services so they do not have the choice of doing business with UberEat or Doordash and we know that there are fees that are quite excessive,” he says. she.

According to her, the government of the Coalition Avenir Québec could order under the state of health emergency the capping of these fees at 15%, which the government of British Columbia already did at the end of December.

The decree adopted by the government there even provides that the companies affected by this measure cannot reduce the wages of their employees to compensate for this loss of income.

As is also planned in the Western Province, such a measure should remain in place until the end of the current crisis, believes Méganne Perry Mélançon.

“We want this measure to be put forward as quickly as possible,” she adds.

The mayoress of Montreal, Valérie Plante, has already spoken in favor of this measure this week.

“COVID-19 is forcing restaurant owners to turn to home delivery. But the fees charged to them by the delivery companies are very high. I ask the government of Quebec to impose a temporary cap on these costs, to ensure profitability for restaurateurs, ”she wrote on Twitter last Saturday.

Already strongly affected by the closure of their dining rooms to fight the spread of COVID-19, restaurant owners are struggling to earn income, especially with the entry into force of the curfew.


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