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The curfew covidiots hit everywhere

Even if the vast majority of Quebecers have complied with good grace to the curfew decreed in an attempt to spare the health system overwhelmed by cases of COVID-19, oddballs have tried everywhere in the province to challenge the authorities . Others simply took a risk and ventured outside after 8 p.m. Many have paid dearly for their jokes, as no less than 740 tickets of over $ 1,500 were distributed during the first two nights of curfew. Here is a range of situations the police have had to deal with.

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As a good father …

A father eager to defy the curfew has found no better way than to involve his young son in his maneuver on Saturday night. “We’re going to take a walk. If the police stop us, you will take my leash ”, we hear him whisper to son on a video that the individual has posted. However, barely the duo reached the corner of the street, a police car intercepts them while filming their crime live on Facebook. “My guy takes me for a walk,” then launches the dad to the two police officers, visibly proud of his reading of the rules. Under the orders of his father, the little one however took the legs with his blow when the police officers asked the man to identify himself.

Fast and dangerous …

Screenshot from Tik Tok

Young motorists have been filmed defying police during curfew, lighting fireworks and running away from patrols, according to a video posted on Tik Tok.

Screenshot from Tik Tok

Without making any link with this video, the Sûreté du Québec indicated that it intervened with about forty enthusiasts of modified vehicles who were racing in the Montreal region. On the night of January 11, 26 statements of offense for the curfew were issued, eight for speeding and 58 for other violations of the Highway Safety Code. A person saw his license suspended and his vehicle put away.

Screenshot from Tik Tok


A beautiful pig’s head

A 38-year-old man who wanted to test the limits imposed by walking his dog on Saturday night, decked out in an inflatable pink pig costume, was caught at his own game. According to the video he posted on Facebook, the little one malin was reportedly intercepted 1.4 kilometers from his home. “1.4! I have the right up to 1.6! », He said all smiling to the policeman … that we nevertheless see fulfilling what seems to be an observation.


Hard to understand

A man who obviously didn’t get the message the first time was picked up outside his home for a second time in two days on Sunday as he rode his bike through the streets. Intercepted by the police, he said he did not intend to respect the curfew. Bets are open on the number of tickets he will receive …


They cause two lawsuits

Two young people in their twenties who broke the curfew led to two police chases over several tens of kilometers. They managed to escape for the first time around 2 a.m. in the night from Saturday to Sunday, only to be spotted a few minutes later. The police managed to intercept them by deploying a carpet of nails. The vehicle finally came to a stop in Saint-Césaire. The driver could be charged with flight.


No chance…

Coming home from your better half after curfew is not a reason accepted by the police, be warned. A 61-year-old woman learned this the hard way by running the risk of returning home, when she lived only a few kilometers from her partner. However, she came across police officers on the way home at around 10:40 p.m. on Saturday, who had no choice but to hand her a fine.


Bad idea of hot guys

A father and his drinking son decided to go for a drive to see how the curfew was unfolding in Sherbrooke on Saturday around 10:30 p.m. Arriving at an intersection, the duo saw the police vehicle, then tried to hide in a yard, without success. They have received statements of offense. The father will also be charged with impaired driving, which was more than three times the legal limit. His driver’s license was suspended for 90 days and his vehicle was seized for 30 days.

A little dog …

Wanting to be one of the exceptions to the curfew, a woman from Sherbrooke thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk on Saturday night … with her spouse on a leash. “They were shouting that they were going to break the rules every night to see the number of findings they could reach,” says Isabelle Gendron, spokesperson for the Sherbrooke police. In addition to disregarding the curfew, the intercepted couple received fines for making too much noise and throwing rubbish on the public highway.

The freedom … to pay!

Obviously proud of her “first curfew finding”, a young woman from the Sherbrooke region posted a photo of her on social media on Saturday evening, indicating that she was preparing to collect “with pride” the findings offense. “Because if my mother [ne] never gave me[é] curfew, it is certainly not Mr. Legault who will […] I decided[é] to do something for MY FREEDOM ”, she proclaims in her publication.


He goes out with his dog … in a car

A man was intercepted, shortly before 9 p.m. Saturday evening, while he was traveling in his vehicle … with his dog. The curfew regulation authorizes walks on foot, not by car! The dog owner received a ticket for $ 1,550.

Drunk driving, in summer tires during the curfew

A 27-year-old motorist was pulled over on Saturday shortly after 10 p.m. Not only did he not have a good reason to be outside, but he had almost double the legal limit of alcohol, in addition to driving in a car that was not fitted with tires. winter. In addition to the $ 1,550 curfew ticket, the driver had his driver’s license suspended for 90 days.


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