Tuesday , January 12 2021

MLS at a dead end?

Major League Soccer (MLS) and the Players’ Association have yet to find common ground for a 2021 campaign.

This is what Commissioner Don Garber said on Tuesday during a press briefing with the media. The leader also blames the athletes for their lack of flexibility.

“COVID has a big impact on the next season and will likely have one in subsequent years. In this sense, we have invoked the force majeure clause [dans la convention collective]. We believe we made a good offer to the Players Association, ”Garber said.

“This proposal puts, in our opinion, all the pressure of the pandemic on the shoulders of the owners. The players didn’t want a cut in wages and that’s what we are offering, he added. So far, we have had no reaction from the players’ union. “

A full season

The commissioner also said that his circuit wants to hold a full season of 34 games, but time is running out.

“We have 20 days left to settle our contractual disputes,” he said. Hurry up. Mid-March is always the goal for the start of the season. ”

“The arrangement of our calendar should allow us the latitude to postpone matches. We also need to have a substantial training camp for the start of the campaign. ”

Despite all of this, Garber is not ready to talk about the possibility of a lockout.

“We never talked about a lockout. I am not here to anticipate an impasse in negotiations with the players, ”he said, even if he did the reverse.


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