Sunday , January 17 2021

Mazda | The MX-30 will have a plug-in hybrid version with a rotary engine

Japanese automaker Mazda will offer a plug-in hybrid version with a rotary engine of its new MX-30 crossover in the Canadian market. Information about the arrival of this plug-in version has been confirmed to us by Mazda Canada. Despite everything, the Canadian subsidiary does not advance on its technical aspect. Jeff Guyton, the brand’s North American president, however, announced in December, in an interview with The Detroit Bureau website, that the brand will use a rotary engine. Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2019 as a fully electric vehicle in the form of a subcompact crossover, the MX-30 will – finally – allow Mazda to offer an electrified model. The plug-in hybrid version will have a rotary motor to essentially increase its range. This inaugurates the return of this mechanism which had been used in the line of RX sports coupes, the last representative of which, the RX-8, was discontinued in 2012. The reverse-hinged rear doors of the MX-30 also recall this trait. stylistics of the RX-8.

PHOTO PROVIDED BY MAZDA View of the MX-30 reverse-hinged rear doors. That said, the Wankel engine, whose architecture is not based on pistons, but on a triangle with curved sides housed in an oval chamber, will likely be used here only as a generator without being able to relay torque to the front wheels. Its very compact appearance works greatly in its favor here.

Electric first

While Mazda reserves the right to unveil the deployment schedule for its plug-in livery, we have known for a few months that the MX-30 will enter our market in an electric version this year. For the moment, we cannot rely on a tangible technical sheet, but the European version gives us a foretaste. With 143 hp and a range of around 200 km in the rather optimistic European cycle (WLTP), this creation would be among the least competitive models at this level offered on our market. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see if the North American version will benefit from a longer battery life and to what extent the generator will increase its range.

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