Friday , January 15 2021

Killer freed after 24 years on the run and five years in prison

A killer who fled authorities for 24 years was granted full parole on Tuesday, after five years in detention and nine months under conditions, which seems insufficient for those close to the victim.

“Of course we will always find that the sentence was not long enough. That he is already free to live his life as he wants, we find that too early for the crime he has done. But hey, justice has been done like that, so we must comply, “dropped the niece of Lucille Morin, when Le Journal told her the news on Tuesday.

Her aunt “cake” was brutally beaten to death with an old iron in her home in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu on August 7, 1991.

To buy your next dose

The brutal death of the 69-year-old lady has long gone unpunished, because Francis Mulrey had fled the scene of the crime after having erased his tracks.

The addict had stolen “a couple of $ 100” from the elder to buy her next dose.

After a long investigation, the police got hold of him in 2015, after he confessed to an undercover agent. Charged with unscheduled murder, Mulrey pleaded guilty to one count of manslaughter in 2018.

Sentenced to 11 years in prison, the 56-year-old spent around five years behind bars, before being granted parole in April for his “faultless behavior in detention”.


The killer with a heavy judicial past seems to have taken control of his life: he now holds a job in a factory in Granby and he will move into an apartment in the same city.

He took steps to get his driver’s license back and reconnect with his 10-year-old daughter, whom he learned about just before his arrest.

“I ask you to trust me. From the start, the commissioners trusted me in my exit plan, which I respected everything, ”Mulrey asked the parole board (PBC) on Tuesday.

Commissioners Luc Chamberlain and Micheline Beaubien assessed that the killer’s plan for his return to the community was adequate.

“You put on your side the chances of successful social reintegration”, noted a commissioner.

Although Mulrey can now leave the halfway house where he was staying, the PBC has banned him from consuming alcohol and drugs until the end of his sentence.

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