Tuesday , January 12 2021

How to download your entire Google Photos library at once

A few people may already know this, but Google offers all of its users the option to upload their saved photo library to its app through their data upload platform called Takeout.

It’s a solution that emerged in 2011, when Google wanted to easily let its users go and switch companies at any time.

This is the case for many, especially since Google announced that it would end its offer of unlimited storage for photos and videos on its Google Photos cloud service as of 1 January.er June 2021.

Those who don’t want to pay for a subscription therefore have to transfer everything somewhere else, whether it’s to an external hard drive or another storage service like OneDrive or DropBox.

How to download content from your Google Photos library

  1. Once connected to your Google account, you go to the Takeout website and you deselect while simply clicking on the button unselect all.

  1. Scroll down to Google Photos, check the box, and click Next step at the bottom.

Step 2 download Google photo library

  1. Regarding the delivery method, it’s up to you. By selecting a download link by email, it is easier to transfer the content to an external hard drive, otherwise, one can opt for one of the cloud services offered on the condition of having an account.

Frequency also depends, but a single archive allows you to quickly start using another service.

After having made all our choices, we click on Create an export.

Step 3 download Google photo library

Note that the more photos and videos you have saved on Google Photos, the longer the process will be. Google also warns us that it can stretch over several hours or even days before being completed.

No more free unlimited storage of photos and videos on Google Photos


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