Tuesday , January 12 2021

His liver transplant is delayed by the pandemic

Last August, the Jonquiéroise Nicole Boily was looking for a liver donor on social networks to save the life of her husband, who only needed part of the organ.

Today the family learns that the son is compatible.

“My boy is type O, we keep our fingers crossed to make it work.” He started all the procedures and the telephone meetings, ”explained Nicole Boily.

But the pandemic comes to play the spoilsport. Nicole Boily’s son received a call Tuesday morning to inform him that the surgery is on hold indefinitely.

“We haven’t completely stopped transplants at the moment. What happens is that we look, on a case-by-case basis, to see if there are enough places in the hospital to be able to welcome patients for a transplant, ”said a hepatologist. at the CHUM, Dr. Jeanne-Marie Giard, who takes care of Roger Villeneuve.

For him and his family, it’s another big blow.

“We take it hard … It seems to me that it was going well. It was more positive than usual! But this is another little slap in the face, ”said Nicole Boily.

And in the long term, the effects of this delay could be catastrophic for Roger Villeneuve, who was only given twelve months to live a year and a half ago.

“If Roger does not receive [la greffe], I would say in the short to medium term, his liver may become infected or he may stop functioning, ”added Dr. Giard.

“The longer it delays, the weaker it is. We used to take 30-minute walks, then it was 20, 15 … We have reached 10 minutes, ”worries Ms. Boily.

The good news is that Roger Villeneuve’s son can still continue with the appointments and the procedures for the transplant, a process that normally lasts two months.


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