Tuesday , January 12 2021

Employment insurance: dead before winning the case

Another young woman from Quebec City lost her fight against cancer without having been able to obtain from Ottawa an improvement in employment insurance in the event of illness.

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After also demanding changes from the Trudeau government, Angéline Renaud Tétreault died on November 22, 2020 at the age of 31. His funeral was celebrated on December 13th.

Suffering from breast cancer that has spread to the bones, the young woman wanted to be treated with dignity since the end of 15 weeks of employment insurance benefits in the event of illness.

Her partner Daniel Deschênes unsuccessfully tried to make ends meet. Justin Trudeau had promised changes, but patients like Angéline did not have time to wait. His stay at Maison Michel-Sarrazin lasted only a few hours.

A fight

“It was very quick. I took care of her at home. It was like the Olympics just to go to the bathroom. She was exhausted. His head wasn’t ready to go, but his body was too tired. Now, I live from day to day, ”explains Mr. Deschênes.

Despite her treatments, Angéline had continued for months to implore the Trudeau government to increase employment insurance as quickly as possible from 15 weeks to one year in the event of illness. Last October, there was nothing more doctors could do for her.

“The real pandemic for me is cancer. I don’t want her to be dead for nothing. I want to end the fight for her. It takes 52 weeks to find a job, but it takes 15 weeks to stop being sick. I still want to show the flaws in the system. We were not the only ones in this situation, ”adds Daniel Deschênes.

Too late

A few days earlier, on November 5, another 31-year-old young woman also lost her battle with the disease.

Émilie Sansfaçon, a mother of two young children, even met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to obtain a change in the law.

“Unfortunately, you let us down,” she said in a video released before she died.

The Bloc Québécois obtained the unanimous consent of the House in Ottawa to offer its condolences to the family.

In 2019, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals pledged to extend the plan from 15 to 26 weeks, but nothing was done.


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