Friday , January 15 2021

Ecology classes at Glendon: field trips almost not virtual

The colleagues, to whom Charles-Antoine Rouyer presented his experience in the field, found it innovative and promising. York teachers meet virtually once a week to discuss their distance learning strategies.

Transnational network learning

In addition, York teachers are encouraged to integrate a “transnational and intercultural” activity into their lessons, through ART (Transnational Network Learning) projects.

“We are able to cooperate and connect on a global scale,” explains Charles-Antoine Rouyer.

ART projects allow students to learn to collaborate via online platforms, “in the same way that geographically distant work colleagues collaborate in an international organization”, image Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, professor of French studies at Glendon who initiated York’s engagement with ART projects in 2015.

With Costa Rica

For Charles-Antoine Rouyer, “ART represents a great opportunity to meet like-minded faculty members. It’s like a mini-conference, with a concrete and targeted result. In my case, for example, collaborating on an online workshop on health and wellness. ”

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