Tuesday , January 12 2021

Cancel or maintain spring break?

As the children are back on the school benches and learning delays accumulate, voices are raised to consider an exceptional cancellation of spring break this year.

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Whether for academic or health reasons, several parents expressed their desire on Tuesday to see spring break canceled or postponed to 2021.

“Children shouldn’t go to school anymore. I put myself in the shoes of my daughter who told me yesterday [à son retour en classes] that it was the most day of his life, ”explains a mother met by TVA Nouvelles.

But the question is as divided among parents as among some experts.

It is that despite the delays and the exceptional conditions of the school year, fatigue is still felt, warn the unions.

“To be in learning conditions that allow for learning, it takes conditions [gagnantes]. Spring break, if it exists, is that at the end of February, generally, there is a need to take a step back to build momentum until the end of the year ”, pleads the President of the Federation of Educational Unions, Josée Scalabrini.

Isabelle Plante, a professor in the didactics department of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), believes that the break of the spring break is “necessary”. An extension of the school year to the summer, accompanied by tutoring, seemed to him to be a solution better suited to the needs of children.

“[La semaine de relâche], it’s good for sleep and for reducing anxiety or stress, she notes. Everyone needs a certain break and as it’s only a week, I believe it is absolutely necessary. ”

Education Minister Jean-François Roberge has closed the door “for now” to this option, but has not completely ruled out the possibility of reversing his position.

It must be said that the spring break had serious consequences for the spread of the virus last year, at a time when travel abroad was still allowed.

“What brought the pandemic to Quebec was the spring break last year. I tell myself that it would be good, perhaps, to skip a turn, for his part raised the president of the Federation of medical specialists of Quebec (FMSQ), Diane Francoeur.

“It’s clear that if you were to ask to decide today, I would say that we did not leave the hostel,” she chuckled, “so let’s not purposely contaminate ourselves further.”

A report published on Tuesday from the Center interuniversitaire de recherche en analyze des organizations (CIRANO) also targets schools as a vector of transmission of COVID-19 in Montreal.

In particular, the study shows that the increase in cases for the 10-19 age group preceded the increase in cases in adults between 30 and 49 years old, i.e. parents, on the island. of Montreal, which would mean that transmission among young people is not the “consequence, but rather an important determinant of the general level of infection in neighboring communities”.

High school students, more likely to transmit the disease, will be back to school starting next Monday with more health measures than before the holiday break.


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