Friday , January 15 2021

Boucherie Huot: security was not respected at all

Almost a year after being tried, the former owner of Boucherie Huot and his son, Bernard and Carl Huot, were found guilty of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

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On November 10, 2016, Olivier Bouchard, a new employee at the South Shore company, found his head and arm trapped in a meat grinder, which left the young man with serious consequences.

At the trial, the prosecutor, Mr. Marc Gosselin, had filed a video in which we saw the young Bouchard climb on a stepladder and fall head first into the device equipped with a worm which is used to grind the meat.

Several witnesses had mentioned to judge Annie Trudel that the device, which literally sucked the victim, was “functional, but not safe”, and this, since November 2014.

In addition, an electrician called to the bar had mentioned to the Court that he had to bypass the security system to operate the device, which was defective.

“In the manufacturer’s manual it is recommended [de] ask that daily tests be carried out to ensure that the machine stops automatically as soon as the lid is opened ”, recalled the president of the court, adding that this practice was certainly not respected at Boucherie Huot .

“This modification made the operation of the machine particularly dangerous for the user and contravened fundamental safety rules”, she added.

Returning to the testimonies of the father and the son, the president of the court underlined that Bernard Huot seemed to attribute the fault “to all except him”, and she qualified the testimony of Carl Huot “unbelievable”.

“Several employees testified that they had known for a long time that certain devices were defective and no instructions were ever given to them,” she said.

She also recalled that the employees who were engaged in the butcher’s shop had no training, content to act by mimicry.

“So that makes new employees repeat the wrong ways of doing things.”

Both men will return to court in February for sentencing submissions.

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