Friday , January 15 2021

Walmart Canada: a COVID bonus for all associates

Walmart Canada announced Friday the payment of a new additional bonus to its approximately 85,000 associates for their commitment in the context of COVID-19.

This is a $ 250 bonus that will be paid on December 11 to all active associates in branches, distribution centers and fleet across the country.

Part-time employees will receive a bonus of $ 150. Supervisors and managers are also affected by this pandemic premium.

“The bonus we are announcing today reflects our appreciation for our associates who continue to make sure shelves are full, checkout service is fast, online orders are processed and customers have access to everything. what their families need, ”said Sam Wankowski, COO of Walmart Canada in a statement.

“Our associates quickly exceeded expectations to adapt to a new way of working, serving our customers while prioritizing the security measures we implemented,” he added.

“Our associates have taken on many challenges and have adapted during this pandemic. In true Walmart spirit, they show up to work ready to serve our customers and our communities during this unprecedented time, ”said Horacio Barbeito, President and CEO of Walmart Canada.

This bonus is part of an investment of $ 125 million this year that the American food distribution giant has mobilized to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walmart has also hired more than 20,000 new associates across the country since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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