Friday , January 15 2021

A good thing settled

In the contract that bound us to François Legault concerning the Christmas parties, there was a ton of fine print. And, listening to common sense, the PM used it to terminate it.

There won’t be any square set

We didn’t cancel Christmas. We just put the festivities on hold outside of our immediate bubble. And while many of us greet this news with some disappointment, we have to admit that there are a couple of deals that I won’t miss.

I will not be sorry not to persist with my uncle Tancrède who, a little hot on the edges, will do his best to convince me that COVID is not that serious, that I can remove it, my mask, because the ten ounces of gin he just sipped is going to kill all the germs anyway.

I won’t have to avoid all the potentially explosive subjects (are you me, where is there more than before?) And type the verbal rant of my imitation woke cousin who tries to explain me in spitting out the concept of systemic racism (that’s a joke, I’m that cousin).

Thanks, but no thanks

No need to pretend to adore the patent milk, useless worse made in China that will have offered to me during the exchange of gifts. Worse hey, let’s face it, adding an extra twist by allowing the world to steal their gift is no. It’s just longer, and no one wants it, your rosemary infused olive oil (give me vouchers at a bookstore or at the SAQ, thank you).

Goodbye kitsch centerpieces, ungrateful children who rush to open their presents before moving on. To hell with stinky bath bubbles and other hastily bought hostess gifts. To all this we say: see you next time.

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