Friday , January 15 2021

“We can’t wait to get out of 2020”

The 2020 season will remain etched in the memory of Impact president Kevin Gilmore for a long time. This pandemic year has brought a host of challenges unsuspected to his team.

“It’s an ordeal that we never thought we would go through,” he admits on the phone. We can’t wait to get out of 2020. ”

His team only played one home game in front of a normal crowd last February. She also played two CONCACAF Champions League games and three games at Stade Saputo in front of 250 spectators.

Let’s say that this year is not normal for the man, who has yet faced many professional challenges, such as contributing to the construction of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.

“This time, it was unknown, uncertain, there is no finish line. We managed as we went by hoping to make the right decisions.

“It’s more personal. I have my family at home and another of 150 people with the Impact and my role is to make sure that we get out of this as intact as possible and that is the greatest challenge. “


Despite everything, he retains the great strength of character shown by Thierry Henry’s men.

“What encourages me is that despite all that, we always fought, even in the last game of the season.

“It was important for us not to lose the season after everything we’ve been through, it’s a great proof of character. “

He is now hoping the government will once again grant him a modified quarantine that would allow players to resume training faster in preparation for their Champions League duel with Olimpia on December 15 in Orlando.

The team still have a few days of quarantine ahead of them before anyone can leave their homes.

Good duo

On the sporting front, the Impact went through a series of pain and misery before losing cruelly in the last seconds of the play-off against the New England Revolution.

Kevin Gilmore is still happy with the results.

“I’m looking at the year and despite all that, we can speak of success under the circumstances, but above all of progress.

“If it had been a normal season things would have been different. Despite everything, Olivier’s imprint [Renard] and Thierry [Henry] is being seen and I find that extremely encouraging. “

He also praised the work of its sports director and head coach.

“I am very happy with the transactions made by Olivier, I find it very promising for the future. “

Financially tough

It’s not just on the pitch that this season has been difficult.

It was also in the portfolio since according to Kevin Gilmore, the team suffered “significant losses”. Remember that two years ago, the owner, Joey Saputo, revealed that he was losing between $ 11 and $ 12 million annually.

“It’s a team that was losing money and despite that, the owner continues to invest,” says Gilmore.

He remains positive about the future.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we don’t know the length of the tunnel. We don’t know when normalcy will return.

“We hope we can play matches in front of spectators next year. It’s impossible to do scenarios so we have to watch several. We do it and I imagine the league is doing it too. “

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