Friday , January 15 2021

Still recreating the magic of Christmas

Despite the government’s flip-flop, many families will use their imagination to live a joyful and lively holiday season, with a multitude of different activities.

Even if they are disappointed with the cancellation of family gatherings at Christmas, a large number of Quebecers are not surprised by the decision announced Thursday.

Many parents will try to create a little magic first.

“We want to organize a treasure hunt for the children and drop the traditional supper,” explains Catherine Pouliot-Bernard, from Neuville, near Quebec. Our plan is to enjoy it in our family bubble and we feel very lucky. We have a thought for those who are alone ”.

Skiing, skating and hiking should keep the family busy too.

The mother of three who works in education knew that the usual gathering of about fifteen people would not have been possible.

” I have two brothers. I choose which one? She laughs.


“Now there is no ambiguity. It’s clear and we don’t have to choose, ”adds her spouse, Jérôme Samson.

Elsewhere in Old Quebec, another family is preparing for a more musical and electronic Christmas.

“My wife’s grandmother is 99 years old. We want to protect her. We were prepared for that and we had expected it for a long time, ”says Henri Bernatchez.

His relatives are also very active on Facebook Messenger, and one of his sons has a YouTube channel, Drummer Edouard, to broadcast his exploits on the drums.

“We will try to organize virtual, live and interactive events. People participate well. I bought some equipment, and there are plenty of possibilities. We will be able to have fun, ”adds the father, himself a trumpet player and musician.

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