Friday , January 15 2021

Heartwarming activities: Quebec City targets teenagers

Fearing the effects of isolation on young people in these times of pandemic, the City of Quebec is investing $ 22,000 to offer them, starting Monday, participatory technological activities such as online games with scholarships and a hunt. collaborative treasure.

This is what Mayor Labeaume announced Thursday morning during a virtual press briefing. The goal is always to “knit a winter” and “shed some light” in these tough times for morale.

Admitting readily that the “City is totally beyond (its) attributions”, Régis Labeaume repeated that it is all the same essential to “get the young people out of their solitude” and to allow them “to come together in their own way. “. The idea is also to give a hand to “destitute parents who do not know what to do,” he pleaded.

“As Quebec City is recognized for its dynamism in terms of technoculture, we approached companies working in this field to invite them to participate in our movement of comfort activities,” said Régis Labeaume.

The municipality mentioned that “until March, ten activities focused on the video game industry and new technologies will be deployed in collaboration with several local video game production companies and studios.”

Scholarships on the menu

This new free “comforting activity” is presented by the municipality to young people in collaboration with Québec International and Québec Numérique. Various scholarships will be offered, including $ 10,000 from Quebec City. “The way to get thousands of young people on board is to put prices”, explained the mayor.

Details of activities are available here and the.

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