Friday , January 15 2021

COVID-19: Quebec renounces gatherings during the Holidays

Prime Minister François Legault terminates the holiday “moral contract”. It will not be allowed to gather for Christmas in areas on high alert.

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Quebec had given itself until December 11 to make this decision. But the epidemiological situation is so worrying that the Prime Minister has decided to draw the line now on the possibility that Quebecers can feast with family or friends from December 24 to 28 in the red zone.

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“The situation in some hospitals is fragile,” argued François Legault, surrounded by his Minister of Health and Dr Horacio Arruda. “This is a government decision, it is not a request from Public Health,” he said.

The Prime Minister added that “no one in Quebec wants to regret their whole life” for having infected a member of their family.

The Prime Minister is therefore betting that Quebeckers will agree to cancel their plans between December 24 and 27, after having opened the door to this possibility two weeks ago.

“I trust the sense of responsibility of Quebecers,” he said. No one in Quebec wants to regret all their life having infected their grandparents. ”

People located in yellow and orange zones will be able to assemble according to the restrictions in force in their region, i.e. a maximum of 10 people in the yellow zone and 6 in the orange zone. The Prime Minister, however, recalled that it is forbidden for people in the red zone to gather, even if they move in a less affected territory.

This decision comes as the province has recorded an increase in contamination and hospitalizations in recent days.

Quebec reported 1,470 additional cases and 30 deaths on Thursday, compared to 1,514 cases and 43 deaths the day before, the worst daily toll since the start of the pandemic.

“The situation in some hospitals is fragile”, argued François Legault.

Quebeckers living alone will still be able to receive a visit from one person at a time during the Holidays, as is currently the case. The Prime Minister even encouraged Quebeckers to do so.

“It’s even harder in the holidays to be alone. Go – one person at a time – visit a single person and be careful. Wear a mask, stay two meters away and ideally don’t stay too long, ”he asked.

The government is also giving up on allowing seniors in CHSLDs to go out for the holiday season.

Quebec had given itself until December 11 earlier this week to decide whether or not it allowed Quebeckers to hold two rallies between December 24 and 27. François Legault then warned Quebeckers that the province was “not going in the right direction”.

Despite the termination of the “moral contract”, François Legault maintains his request to companies to prioritize teleworking from December 17.

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