Friday , January 15 2021

Counselor blamed for denying COVID-19

The municipal council of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle demanded the resignation of one of its elected officials who claims that the pandemic was invented from scratch.

André Lafrance has repeatedly questioned the health measures in videos and Facebook posts, backing up his claims with photos taken from a recent trip to Sweden.

The civil lawyer granted an interview, which has since disappeared from Facebook, to a leading figure in the anti-mask movement, Daniel Pilon, where he was presented as a city councilor.

Uncomfortable, the municipal council of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle adopted a motion demanding that he resign.


The words of Mr. Lafrance constitute “propaganda”, it is estimated, even though he was elected to a public institution “which must ensure the health and the best interests of its population”.

Only one councilor voted against this resolution.

The city council excluded him from all the committees of which he was a member, including that of civil security.

It was also resolved “to require Mr. André Lafrance to immediately cease [sa] disinformation campaign ”and to warn citizens that his remarks only committed him by means of a letter.

” I can not believe it. It is certain that I no longer have the confidence to work with someone like him, who does not respect what we represent, ”said councilor Estelle Muzzi, during the special meeting held on November 23.

The councilor had still not resigned from his official duties, 10 days after the council vote.

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