Friday , January 15 2021

Nurses’ sit-ins in CHSLDs: “cheap” and “too small” protective equipment

Nurses from a unit of the largest CHSLD in Quebec, the Hôtel-Dieu-de-Saint-Hyacinthe Accommodation Center, refused to work last night to denounce their working conditions.

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It was the members of the night shift, exasperated at being understaffed, who organized a sit-in, when they noticed that they were only three nurses (including two auxiliaries) for 64 patients in the COVID zone.

The fed up is complete, says their union, especially that the infection prevention measures are not optimal, especially those concerning personal protective equipment which would be of poor quality.

“People in CHSLDs have little procedural masks, the same ones we put on when going to the grocery store, in paper! We learned yesterday that the headbands of every second visor did not hold and fell. When you’re in isolation, you can’t really play yourself through your hair to fix that. It’s really “cheap” material, ”denounces Brigitte Pétrie, from the Union of healthcare professionals of Montérégie-Est.

It also ensures that the gowns are too small, that the gloves do not cover the wrists, thus making healthcare professionals more vulnerable to the virus.

As for the fabric jackets, “they are so old, there are holes in them!”, Denounces Ms. Pétrie.

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