Friday , January 15 2021

Long-term care: Legault government denounces Ottawa’s “unacceptable” standards

The Legault government is disappointed with the economic update and expects a standoff with Ottawa, which wants to impose “unacceptable” national standards on long-term care while the funding is not in the transfers. health.

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“We are disappointed, it must be said, the federal desire to impose national standards on long-term care. It is unacceptable for Quebec and for the other provinces ”, launched the Quebec Minister of Finance Eric Girard at a press briefing Tuesday.

The Trudeau government had previously indicated that it wanted to impose national standards on the provinces in long-term care centers for the elderly. Justin Trudeau announced it after the tragedies experienced in the centers for the elderly in Ontario and Quebec during the first wave of the Covid pandemic.

The Legault government is also hungry for an increase in health transfers, a unanimous request from the provinces and territories, but negotiations are only just beginning, said Mr. Girard. “I was not surprised. Negotiations are starting and there is a demand, and discussions will take place, ”he said.

Quebec wants to obtain 6 billion more per year in federal funding for health care. It is in part thanks to this money that Quebec could return to a balanced budget in five years, forecasts Mr. Girard.

The minister also indicated that Quebec was going to exercise its right to opt out with full financial compensation for national daycare and drug insurance programs. He also pointed out that of the three requests from the provinces, only one was recognized by Ottawa in the update. “The fiscal stabilization program has been improved,” he admitted.

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